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What is the most common question that cam mistresses get asked?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the individual cam mistress and what she is comfortable discussing. However, some of the most common questions that cam mistresses get asked relate to their personal lives, their preferences in terms of clients and types of shows, and their rates. Many clients also ask questions about the cam mistress’s equipment and setup, as well as her process for booking shows and taking payments. Some cam mistresses also get asked questions about the technical aspects of their work, such as how they edit their videos or what kind of lighting they use.

How do cam mistresses make a living?

Cam mistresses make a living by webcamming. This involves talking to paying customers on webcam and providing them with a sexual service. The customers will usually pay by the minute, with the prices depending on the specific cam mistress and the type of show that they are providing. Some cam mistresses also offer other services such as phone sex, sexting and selling compromising pictures or videos.

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