Susan Pearson(non-registered)
Beautiful work! Came across your image of Florida Panthers, when I looked up Fl Panthers out of curiosity. They are so majestic. You must love your work!
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Greg Ortis(non-registered)
Wow great work! very vivid wildlife!

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I am just a beginner in the world of professional photography. It is my dream to capture such amazing shots. You have captured the beauty of the nature with all its perfection and I really enjoyed those slide shows. Keep up the great work Heather.
Great style of taking pictures Heather! I do really enjoy this fotoblog, pictures always great
Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Wow I never saw something like this ! Great photos
Karlos Menzel(non-registered)
Among these photos collection, there are many excellent ones. However, I would like to specially thank the photographer for capturing the picture that depicts the owl sitting on the branch of tree. It appears that the owl has something to say to the world. :::
Hi! Nice shots..:) Greetings from Poland..
Vicki Humphries(non-registered)
I love your work.
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